Learning S2 Complete Style

S2 Complete Style is a pretty huge layout—it's easy to get overwhelmed! [info]s2complete is a complete documentation resource brought to you by [info]tessisamess.

This documentation breaks down S2 Complete Style piece by piece so you can learn just how every piece works. Once you understand the layout dynamics you'll be glad it's such a comprehensive sheet; it makes the possibilities nearly endless!

December 2017




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Dec. 4th, 2017


Welcome to the documentation for S2 Complete Style! On this account is a complete A-Z glossary and documentation of every piece of S2 Complete Style, from the general page style to the sidebars to alternate page views and inner workings, you're going to find it all here—broken down piece by piece and explained.

If you've ever wanted to make an S2 Complete Style layout but thought it was just too big to handle, this is exactly where you want to be.

S2 Complete Style has a few minor flaws but, overall, it is the single best layout on Insanejournal to use as your base. Why? Everything is styled and laid out via the CSS and divs (no tables to be found, except in the calendars, where they should be!) and each vital component of the layout has not only an outer div but an inner div too. What makes this so great? As you'll learn through the lessons, it makes complex styling a walk in the park!

To get started with the S2 Complete Style documentation you can either learn from the ground up by clicking Next Lesson at the bottom of this page, which will take you through each component of the layout in order, or you can scroll through the lefthand side of the page to find a specific lesson if that's more what you need! All lessons will be using my cleaned and reorganized CSS as the examples in the walkthrough, which is why you won't find any of the classic S2 Complete Style greens in the coding breakdowns.

Happy coding, and if you need help or a question answered you can always contact the helpdesk!